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FIRE Tracker

FIRE Tracker - Like a firecracker only cooler!

My plan (and the main purpose of this blog) is to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence/Retiring Early) and stop working in 2030 at age 45. This page is dedicated to tracking my progress towards that goal and will be updated monthly.

You can click on the images below to view a larger version.

The Bigger Picture

Below is my progress related to my 15 year plan. The grey line is where the plan says I should be, and the blue line is the actual value of my investments. The idea is that the blue line should track the grey line (or even better poke it's head above the grey line).

The chart below shows my estimated expenses for a given year versus the amount of income I could draw from my investments using the 4% Rule. When the blue line meets the grey line it means all my expenses can be covered by my investments and I will be financially free.

Year By Year

Zooming in on the current year, the below graph shows how I am progressing versus the plan. (This is basically a closer look at the picture of the first chart)

The next chart shows how far ahead or behind I am from my plan on a monthly basis. Blue bars above the zero line = lekker!

And finally, the chart below shows the yearly progress of my investments as a percentage of the amount of money I would need if I were to retire at the end of that given year. The blue portion of the bar should move closer and closer to 100% as 2030 draws ever nearer.