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I Like

This is like the page, where I like tell you about some of the stuff I like....

Below I have listed some useful websites/resources that I have found highly beneficial. If you are serious about investments and taking control of your retirement there is a lot you can learn by checking out some of the links below. I will add to this list as I discover more content that I deem worthy.

Mr Money Mustache

A blog about how little money you actually need to live. It also has many helpful tips on reducing your expenses. He is a huge advocate of being as car-free as possible and biking as much as you can. Although it is an American website, a lot of the principles and suggestions can still be applied to us South Africans. This blog really changed my whole perception on retirement and living in general.

Just One Lap

This is a fantastic resource for D.I.Y. investors. They cover everything from the very basics of investing to more advanced topics. They do blogs, podcasts and webinars and all in an easy to understand format.

The Investor Challenge Blog

This is a South African Investment blog that covers a large variety of topics from Tax Free Savings Accounts to Buying versus Renting a house. You can read a very cool interview with Patrick (who runs the Investor Challenge Blog) over here.