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Friday 2 December 2016

The Stealthy Wealth e-Book - 2016

Engineers are notoriously uncreative
Oooooooh there is a shiny new button at the top of the Stealthy Wealth website, wonder what it does... Let me paste an extract from my bucket list to help explain:

Stealthy Wealth Bucket List:
17 - Write a Book
18 - Be interviewed about the book on Oprah
19 - Win the Nobel prize for literature

The Stealthy Wealth e-Book is available, and I am very chuffed that I have managed to tick this one off my bucket list! (I am joking about Oprah and the Nobel prize part by the way. Although.....never say never :-P).

If you looking for some holiday reading, this may be the answer!

Stealthy Wealth - One Year At A Time - 2016

The Stealthy Wealth e-Book has landed. Even though it is actually pretty much a pdf document, calling it an e-Book makes me sound all author-ry and stuff! :)

So what's in it? 

Well the e-Book is a collection of all of the blog posts of the inaugural year of the Stealthy Wealth website, with the exception of this post. (You see if I included this post in the book then we would be in some sort of infinite loop, where this post says there is a book which contains this post, which says there is a book which contains this post, which says there is a book....ouch my head!)

But I didn't just want the e-Book to be a regurgitation of old blog posts, so I freshened the posts up a little with some extra thoughts and comments at the top of each chapter (calling each blog post a chapter, again makes me feel like I am a real author!), and cleaned up some of the formatting to make it more "booky".

Then I also threw in a Stealthy Wealth review of 2016 as well as some of my thoughts for 2017. I guess the book is best explained in the Foreword section which I have included in the extract below. You can also check out the Contents page to see what all is included.

Unfortunately the book is not free - you see I am hoping that by charging for it I can at least cover the annual expenses of keeping this website going (that would be awesome!). Anything extra (awesomer!) will be put towards my Early Retirement goal. The cost of the book is R150.

But fear not, all hope is not lost...

You see R150 is the price the commoners and plebs will pay. If you are a confirmed subscriber on my mailing list, you get some special privileges. For instance you will only pay R100 for the book (take the R50 saving and buy yourself a nice ETF). So if you are not already on the list, best you sign up.

If you are weird and insist on paying R150 for the book then you can order it without signing up.

The R100 offer will expire at the end of 2016, and then the normal price of R150 will apply to everybody, even the amazing peeps on the mailing list.

To order the book just pop your email into the box below:

Okay so that's my sales pitch done...Anyone work in sales willing to give me a score out of 10?

So That Was 2016....

This is also my last post for 2016 as hopefully we are all winding down for the year and getting ready for some R&R (that's rest and relaxation for those of you not going to Mozambique!)

I will be staying put in good old Centurion over the Festive Season. So I will still be around on Twitter, email and in the comments section, but in terms of new blog posts, I will be giving my fingers and keyboard a bit of a break for the rest of the year (the keys have taken a pounding and I want them to be fresh and ready to go come January 2017).

I'm looking forward to our first Christmas with Stealthy Junior - I am leaning towards getting him the gift of a nice TFSA deposit in his name...

A huge thanks to all you guys for all the interaction over this past year - whether it be through comments, emails, tweets, or just shouting at your screen (yes I can hear you)!

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the articles for this blog and hope you have enjoyed reading them! I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season filled with only awesome things, and I wish you everything of the best for 2017 (with best wishes for above average JSE returns!)

Take it easy! I will catch you all on the other side of 31 December...

Till next time, Stay Stealthy!

 - ~ - ~